Two teenage elf brothers, Ian and Barley Lightfoot, go on an journey to discover if there is still a little magic left out there in order to spend one last day with their father, who died when they were too young to remember him. 

Release: March 6, 2020

The Eternals

In a story spanning thousands of years, the Eternals, an immortal alien race created by the Celestials, protect humanity from their evil counterparts, the Deviants.

Release: November 6, 2020

Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman squares off against the Cheetah, a villainess who possesses superhuman strength and agility. 

Release: June 5, 2020


To save her ailing father from serving in the Imperial Army, a fearless young woman disguises herself as a man to battle northern invaders in China. 

Release: March 27, 2020

The King's Man

One man must race against time to stop history's worst tyrants and criminal masterminds as they get together to plot a war that could wipe out millions of people and destroy humanity. 

Release: February 14, 2020


Tenet is an upcoming 2020 action thriller film written and directed by Christopher Nolan and produced by Nolan and Emma Thomas. Tenet is scheduled to be released by Warner Bros. 

Release: July 17, 2020.  

Gretel And Hansel

A girl and her younger brother unwittingly stumble upon the house of an evil witch in the dark woods. 

Release: January 31, 2020